Our core competence lies in the manufacture and refinement of sophisticated medical devices. Professional packaging and sterilization round out the service portfolio.

We offer our customers proven capabilities based on many years of experience in numerous national and international projects. We have special expertise particularly in the areas of complex metal and plastics processing.

We not only deliver a product, we satisfy the individual customer’s requirements for disposable medical items. We maintain close contact with our customers during all project phases: from the first product sketch to selection of suitable materials, and on through to the optimum product design in all details.

The right cut

The shape and characteristics of the needle tip depend on the material and the application - from simple to curved faceted bevels.

Complex metalworking

Our capabilities in metal processing include grinding, bending, cold forming, electroforming, blasting, polishing, cleaning, coating and printing - from thin-walled stainless steel tubes up to solid material needles and trocars.

Specialized plastics production

The choice of material depends on the specific application. The plastics we process include PC, PE, PP, PVC, PU, POM and ABS. Production is performed using customized tooling under cleanroom conditions with process-controlled injection molding and overmolding equipment.

Perfect connection

Metal and plastic components are assembled through overmolding, adhesive bonding, ultrasonic welding, laser welding and thermo welding - also under cleanroom conditions - and inspected through optoelectronic controls.

Professional packaging

Primary packaging of individual components is performed in hard or soft blister packs according to the customer’s specific requirements. OEM-specific labeling and optoelectronic inspection prior to shipping guarantee an all-around perfect product presentation.

Sterile products

Our 5-year product sterility guarantee is ensured through validated sterilization processes. Ethylene oxide sterilization is performed in-house, while optional radiation sterilization is performed by external service providers.