Our portfolio of services using the vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty sets as an example


Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty sets make it possible for orthopedic surgeons to correct painful deformations of the spine.

In addition to the technical requirements imposed on these precision tools, this application requires high strength materials and connections to withstand extreme mechanical loads.

Depuy Synthes Spine commissioned sfm to develop and manufacture a complete solution with improved functional properties.

Solution approach

This project ran through all of the development and manufacturing stages at sfm, from the initial consultation through the delivery of the documentation for CE marking of the finished product range.

In parallel with the design concept, the development of a validated manufacturing process, as well as the plan for its implementation, was progressing.

Our integrated solution approach

As an experienced partner for medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, we implement your product ideas - from development through production, to logistics and regulatory requirements. At every step, you benefit from our expertise as an experienced OEM service provider - just like Depuy Synthes Spine did. Follow the creation of the vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty set through our four process steps.


At sfm, innovative and workable product concepts are created in close consultation with our customers.

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Production by a variety of a wide range of metal and plastics manufacturing processes to assembly, packaging and sterilization.

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Individually or in large batches: We package and sterilize products in all desired lot sizes. 

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On the way to the successful marketing of our OEM products, we take care of all the necessary conformity certifications.

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