Radiofrequency (RF) Needles for the targeted coagulation of nerves


The goal was to develop a needle for use in tissue coagulation having a medically-approved coating that is at the same time heat resistant and electrically isolated.

Solution approach

  • Through our integrated solution approach and close customer contact during the development, a high-quality needle with a uniform and safe coating has been created to support professional tissue coagulation in the spinal region.
  • The  smooth surface and the heel-less transition of the silicone to the cannula make a reduced pain experience possible during puncture.
  • Medically safe silicone coating with smooth surface, temperature resistant and isolated - for controlled thermal lesion through radiofrequency (RF).
  • The needle can be supplied with different tip shapes, diameters and tip lengths. The penetration depth can be matched to the thermal probe systems used.