sfm installs new assembly unit for medical stylets

The new installed assembly unit for medical stylets expands our production in the field of thermolesion / radio frequency ablation cannulas.

In order to be able to continue to meet the increased demand for sfm thermolesion cannulae in the future, maintain the usual high quality whilst meeting the customers‘ desired delivery dates, we are expanding our capacities in the assembly of stylets.

Stylet assembly - the critical process

The assembly of the stylet inside the thermolesion cannula is a critical process. The reason for this can be found in the importance of the stylet in the application. It has the function of completely closing and filling the open lumen inside the cannula. In addition to the special grinding geometry, the stylet prevents „coring“, meaning the punctured tissue is protected from being "punched out". This results in a corresponding displacement of what has a positive effect on post-traumatic pain. The exact alignment and assembly of the stylet is therefore particularly important and accordingly critical in the production process. The assembly unit is equipped with an appropriate camera system for the perfect positioning of the stylet within the cannulas.

The medical device: the stylet

In addition to the thermolesion cannula, the stylet is used for various medical devices. In our portfolio these are also used in regional anaesthesia, e.g. in the spinal, epidural and CSE cannula (CSE = Combined Spinal Epidural). The stylet in these products consists of solid material. In general, metal and plastic stylets are used.

In combination with the optimization of the further production process, this validated investment will have an extremely positive effect on the productivity of the entire production line.