Over 60 years of sfm - success through people for people

My name is Dr. Alexander Dziengel. I am Managing Director of our company, which in recent years has evolved from a manufacturer of precision mechanical needles into a manufacturer of complex medical devices made of plastics and metals. To cope with the globalization of our business, we have further developed our business structure and renamed the company to sfm medical devices GmbH. With great pride, we are celebrating our 60th company anniversary this year. Traditional values are important to us, because they form the basis for our current success. Therefore, one section of our newly designed website is dedicated to the important milestones in the company’s history.


What is so special about sfm?


As in every successful company, the employees are in the foreground with us. With a great sense of responsibility and effort, they ensure the quality of our products every day. Many of their colleagues, who have already completed their vocational training with us, remain with sfm until their well-earned retirement. In our present society oriented towards short-term success, this is no longer a common occurrence.

Corporate strategy

sfm medical devices GmbH does not have any specifically formulated "Vision", as it is known in other companies. Our corporate strategy is precisely and transparently formulated: We see ourselves as partner to the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, we consistently focus on the OEM business, and we aspire to contribute towards our customers and partners becoming more successful in international markets. If together we succeed in improving the healthcare and well-being of the patients, we feel justified in what we do.

We do not rest on our successes but rather continually work to expand on them through sustainable investments in process development, in machines and buildings, and in the further training of our employees. We are supported in these efforts by our stakeholders, who have the long-term survival of the company in mind.

Market orientation

Due to the continuous increase in life expectancy and the associated increase in age-related diseases, the healthcare industry is a growth market. The challenges associated with the opportunities and risks have created a global competition in which only the best can survive. As with every market segment, medical technology is also subject to economic cycles, economic crises and specific market changes. As a small individual company, one is not able to stop these waves - one can, however, learn to "surf" them! Here we are benefited by the experience from the last 60 years and the direct and personal dialogue with our customers. 


There is probably no secret recipe for economic success. We at sfm intend to continue with what made us strong: being a flexible, competent partner in the resolution of the individual tasks assigned by our customers. This automatically means the further development of our production processes and the creation of new products and services for medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry. Especially for medium-size companies such as sfm, the global competition, the associated continuously increasing cost pressures and the regulatory requirements, which are developing at a rapid pace, represent a special challenge. 

I extend my thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read these lines, and I hope to be able to welcome you personally at the next opportunity.

Sincerly yours,
Dr. Alexander Dziengel