Management hand-over at sfm medical devices GmbH

After 17 successful years of leading sfm medical devices GmbH, Mr. Dr. Alexander Dziengel, the CEO will be taking his retirement and handing over the management to his successor Mr. Ralf Blomeyer.

Under Mr. Dr. Dziengel’s leadership, the company developed into a global specialist in the field of developing and manufacturing sterile disposable products for the healthcare sector.

sfm does business with large number of distinguished customers all over the world, from medium-sized companies to large conglomerates in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors.

Nevertheless, sfm has retained the flexibility and performance of a medium-sized family business.

Dr. Dziengel has full assurance from the Board that all the approximately 350 employees of the enterprise group will continue to maintain their independent and internationally competitive positions.

Mr. Ralf Blomeyer knows sfm like the back of his hand. He started working for sfm as a computer specialist and business economist 20 years ago. Having gained recognition and fast acknowledgment from fellow colleagues he climbed the career ladder, step by step, taking over managerial positions.

Now he holds responsibility as the sole Managing Director.

The guarantor for customer proximity, technology, leadership and economic independence will lie as always in the continuity of the management.