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sfm is found to be a reliable partner in the development and production of the custom needle preloaded with the Sirius Pintuition Seed. Once you have agreed on deadlines, milestones, or results, sfm will meet these and exceed expectations.

Sirius Medical

Sirius was founded in early 2017 as a spin-off from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. We have our roots firmly embedded in the surgical clinic. Developing technology by and for clinicians, we were born to make things better.

During the initial research project at the Netherlands Cancer Institute the first proof-of-principle clinical demonstration of magnetic seed localization was developed (MaMaLoc). The researchers recognized the need and opportunity to simplify and improve the localization technology for the surgical removal of breast cancer. After incorporation of Sirius, the technology was further refined, which ultimately resulted in the Sirius Pintuition technology.

The management team of Sirius Medical:

Beginning of the cooperation

sfm has supported the development of Sirius even before the official founding of the company. Through a few small series of prototypes sfm supported the clinical work that was performed at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in 2013-2016. The cooperation was continued after Sirius was founded. In 2018, Sirius started the development of the Sirius Pintuition system and, again, sfm was involved to develop a custom needle with the magnetic seed preloaded before packaging and sterilization.

Special challenges

The major challenge was to develop a needle that contains the magnetic seed without risk of loss during handling or transport, whilst still being capable of simple seed release during implantation into soft tissue. Together we developed and integrated a titanium stylet into a stainless steel needle, as well as a custom spacer and needle cap. sfm showed its flexibility with regards to our requirements and facilitated the process from research and development, validation through final product and manufacturing.

The results

Conclusion and outlook

sfm played a vital role in propelling Sirius into the unique position it is now in: providing surgeons with the best solutions to help them perform at their peak using the Sirius Pintuition System. The Sirius Pintuition Seed offers clinicians the freedom to deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Further information about the customer and/or product

  • Patient: Magnetic seed localization is less painful and more comfortable for patients when compared to anchor wire localization.

  • Hospital: Because the magnetic seed can be placed up to 180 days before surgery, the technique offers the opportunity to decouple radiology planning from surgery planning, when compared to anchor wires; which is highly beneficial from an economical perspective.

  • Surgeon: Due to the related safety protocols and their impact on efficiency, radio-active seed localization is less favourable than the magnetic seed localization. On top of that, the Sirius Pintuition system is more accurate in locating the magnetic seed.

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