At sfm, innovative and workable product concepts are created in close consultation with our customers.

Most of our customers already include us in the project team during the development phase so that we can contribute our development and manufacturing expertise at an early stage.

Shorter development cycles and an optimized product design are the result. By way of a convenient data exchange, true-to-original-design models are created on our CAD systems. Upon request, we will also provide functional demonstration models or stereo lithography samples.

  • Product design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Prototyping

Including sfm early in the design and development phase led to the creation of a market-ready product that had a very short development time.

We dedicated a lot of attention to the medical and physical requirements. The result: through new materials, coatings and connecting techniques, all the technical/ergonomic and biocompatible characteristics required for this surgical procedure were able to be achieved. The different set versions contain up to 14 instruments. For Depuy Synthes Spine, a complete solution from one source was crucial.