Help for clinics, nursing services and medical practices

sfm medical devices in Wächtersbach wants to support the supply of protective masks (MNS masks and FFP2)

sfm medical devices, a medium-sized med-tech company based in Wächtersbach, sees itself as responsible for providing support in the currently tense procurement situation for protective masks. At the end of March, a concept was developed in collaboration with the company's Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Haindl, medical technology expert from Wennigsen (Hanover area, Lower Saxony), to reprocess used protective masks.

sfm medical devices operates a large sterilization chamber at their site in Wächtersbach. In this facility, medical devices are sterilized by means of ethylene oxide (ETO) and can therefore be used on patients. The EO sterilization process is also suitable for killing enveloped viruses and thus the corona virus SARS-CoV-2/ COVID-19.

The BMG (Federal Ministry of Health) has asked the BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices) to evaluate the ETO sterilisation of protective masks. The BfArM will recommend that ETO sterilisation be named as the 1st alternative for decontamination during emergency supply shortages of respiratory protective masks.

The BMG has initially limited the reprocessing measures (max. 6 months to build up own production capacities in Germany during this time).

sfm plans to organize a personalized collection of used MNS masks (surgical masks) but also FFP2 protective masks by the hospital, nursing service or doctor's practice. The masks will be double packed in so-called sterile bags by trained personnel in the facilities and then sent to sfm medical devices. There the sterilisation process takes place and within approx. 5 days the masks can be returned and reused by the staff.
sfm plans to offer this service FREE of charge until further notice and if capacity is available.

The District Administrator of the Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Mr. Thorsten Stolz, as well as the Mayor of Wächtersbach, Mr. Andreas Weiher, are involved in the initiative. Both have already contacted the Main-Kinzig clinics, nursing services and medical practices in order to actively help as district and local authorities to support the supply of protective masks in the way shown.

Interested clinics, nursing services or medical practices can request further information on the campaign from sfm medical devices via e-mail to steri[at]sfm[dot]de.
Under this address, sterilizations for the reprocessing of masks will also be registered and processed.

Further information can also be found on the homepage atützt-bei-versorgung-mit-schutzmasken.html